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Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos
October 1st -4th, 2023.
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Thank you for choosing Mexico Incentives & Meeting DMC (MI&M)

As your host for this incredible journey in Los Cabos México (Baja California Sur) We are proud to partner with I am GREATER Summit Retreat 2023 for your upcoming Event in a beautiful beachfront setting! We want to keep things simple by providing you the best! 

Your will make the best for you to have a wonderful experience!

This is your main booking page with MI&M for this event and only by Booking your Transportation and activity on this page allows you to enjoy the exclusive group VIP discount prices.

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About COVID Test


The Villa del Palmar Hotel has coordinated offering discounted antigen and PCR testing at the resort facilities for visitors whose home countries require a negative testing result. Discounted pricing is estimated to be around 

  • $30.00 USD for nasal antigen 
  • $160.00 USD for PCR.

MI&M DMC Staff can program your appointment based on your departure date. 

Let us know if you would like our help to make this reservation or you can coordinate your appointment on your check-in day. 


Gold Team Group participants wiill enjoy great amenities from August 5-8th, 2022.

Room Service & Cleaning

Food Service & Dining

All inclusive plan exclusive for Gold Team Group

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